Hyundai IT

Why We Choose HYUNDAI IT

HYIUNDAI IT is the provider for quality Interactive Smart Boards and Indoor /Outdoor Digital Signage. They have 50 patents, 42 Utility Model Rights, 108 Intellectual Properties.

Interactive Board

  • Unlike others, HYUNDAI Interactive board has been especially tailor-made for office use based on our know-how built in the display industry.
  • Smart Office implemented by integrating screen project, TV & Whiteboard
  • Full line-up:
    • Full High Definition (FHD) – 42″ 46″ 55″
    • Ultra High Definition (UHD) – 65″ 75″ 86″ 98″

Digital Signage

  • Technology acquisition
  • Possibility to customize with different sizes (Full line-up from 32” to 84”)
  • Adapt to different environment for indoor, outdoor, and semi-outdoor

We have secured distributorship for the Hyundai Interactive Boards and Digital Signage for the Caribbean Region.