Why We Choose PROBANX

Probanx is an international banking software company, headquartered in Cyprus, which has been serving the bank industry since the year 2000, by developing comprehensive banking software solutions for financial institutions around the globe.

Probanx offers web-based banking solutions using the latest technology and international standard business rules. With customers located on five continents, Probanx has strategically partnered with JoeCol Technologies Company Ltd. (JoeCol Technologies) to expand their presence in the Caribbean.

This enables JoeCol Technologies to provide a cost-effective, scalable, core financial system to meet the needs of new and growing Credit Unions and Financial Institutions in the Caribbean. Unlike competing software providers, Probanx boasts a modern, clean, user-friendly front/backend interface with advanced features out-of-the-box to minimize the costs of customization.

Credit Unions and Financial Institutions can now compete with confidence and offer their members and customers new products and services, improve operational efficiency, while experiencing a greater ROI.

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