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Cloud For Your Business

Transform your IT environment from Capex to an Opex based environment. There is no need to have a server room filled with equipment. If you do, maybe it’s time to consider moving your business to the cloud.

Nowadays, more and more companies switch IT investment from CapEx to OpEx and they have a reasonable argument for this switch – moving company IT infrastructure to the cloud. Once this moving happens, additional CapEx benefits fall as far as the company no longer need static investments for the hardware, software and resources. Services and options are purchased as needed, costs are fluctuating and OpEx works better for such expenses type and supports necessary scalability. – Elena Haidukova

Some of the benefits of moving to the cloud

More Accessibility, Remote Collaboration, and Convenience

By storing your data in a remote system accessible by any authorized user — whether at a home office or on a mobile device — you and your employees are no longer limited to the local work stations at the office. Projects and files can be accessed and worked on remotely by anyone you authorize, making it easier for your business to get work done.

Flexible Configuration

The Cloud is not a one-size fits all technology. We can easily scale it to precisely fit the needs of your business, enabling a faster time to market for your company and a user-experience tailored specifically to your staff. The enhanced user-end simplicity will help you and your employees to more effectively address your business goals.

Back-up Capability in Case of Emergency

On a regular basis, we can remotely back up of all your information, constituting a fail-safe option in case of an emergency on your work premises. So whether your business experiences a negative unplanned event, such as a flood or a malware attack, we can help you develop a business continuity plan that fits the needs of your business.

Reduced Costs

Flexible pricing means you only pay for the Cloud capability that your business needs. As you grow you can easily scale up your Cloud usage at your convenience with our pay-for-use model, and you won’t need any additional IT staff to manage the new service – we maintain it for you through our managed services. Furthermore, by virtualizing your equipment, your hardware is managed as a part of the monthly fee and not as an additional charge.

Our solutions enable you to have very predictable and controllable IT expenses and will increase efficiency within your organization; support your ability to deliver improved services, and increase collaboration with your clients, internal customers, and employees now and in the future.

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