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Office 365 – Is it right for your Organization?

According to Franz Kafka, “Productivity is being able to do the things that you were never able to do before.”

The formula is simple, productivity = efficiency = reduced costs = profitability for your organization. The change from a world of individual creation to real-time, anytime, anywhere collaboration and co-creation are ever increasing.

Many businesses are facing the challenge of multiple ad-hoc systems, increased unproductive staff and low output due to the lack of integrated systems, and leveraging technologies, which creates a high-performance organization.

Empowering employees with the tools needed for today’s business:

  • Boosts productivity and encourages collaboration
  • Motivates and improves efficiency
  • Reduces the costs of unnecessary systems
  • Increases profitability

All this and more can be achieved with Office 365. It’s the gold standard for your business!

Let’s dig deeper into some of the real world challenges of organizations:

  • Not having professional email services can hurt your business (Image is everything)
  • Sharing of information and collaboration on documents is difficult. Employees would either save documents on external devices or email them to their colleagues to provide input and changes. This raises several red flags:
    • Emailing or copying documents to external storage devices can breach compliance policies and expose private information
    • External storage can be lost, stolen or damaged resulting in loss of information
    • No proper tracking and versioning of documents
  • Documents stored on personal computers and servers can be lost due to technological failures
  • Traditional productivity tools have proven to be costly as new versions have to be purchased when old ones expire
  • High costs to maintain IT staff

As a result, organizations face high capital expenditure (Capex). Office 365 converts your organization from CAPEX to manageable operation expenditure (Opex), is always up to date and provides the best-in-class productivity tools. You want technology that fits business’ need, gives you more for your investment and allows productivity from anywhere.

As Microsoft puts it, “Worry less, Work easier, Work together.”

So what do you get with Office 365?

  • Versatility – cross-platform integration (office desktop applications, office mobile, office web apps). Everything you need in one place across all devices
  • Business class email and calendar
  • File sharing – Create and edit documents in real time with colleagues
  • HD video conferencing
  • Anywhere access to files, emails and conferencing
  • Consistent, familiar and synced experience across phone, tablet, and desktop. (Offline viewing and editing is also available)
  • All services work together; there are no servers to set up
  • Lots of storage – 1 TB
  • Technical Support and a Financially backed SLA


Office 365 has more flexibility and features to enable cross-group collaboration and access to people, ideas and information – when you and your employees need it the most. Scale as your business grows, as costs as predictable and manageable.

Is Office 365 right for you and your business? Want to test drive it?

Click here to learn more!

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