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Software Asset Management

Many organizations overlook the importance of  Software Asset Management (SAM) and do not consider it a critical investment.

According to Microsoft,

“Software Asset Management (SAM) is critical to managing an IT environment because effectiveness is seriously compromised when an organization doesn’t know what software assets it has, where they are located, how they are configured, and how they are used.”

In other words, software asset management is a set of continuous business processes that provides:

  • Protection and management of software assets
  • Support for optimization, security and license compliance
  • Integration of people, process, and technology to optimize the use of software in your organization

Many organizations have a third party, non-compliant (aka cracked or patched) and unlicensed software in their environments such as antivirus applications, operating systems, accounting applications, productivity tools and much more.  This is not only illegal, but opens the door to exposure, unplanned costs, and negative risks to your business.

Common Risks

  • Malware and cyber security threats
  • Loss of data
  • Breach of government and industry compliance standards
  • Unknown and unmanaged assets deployed in your environment
  • Loss of integrity

Developing and implementing a software asset management program provides business and operational value.

Benefits of software asset management best practices

  • Monitor and optimize costs associated with purchasing and maintaining software
  • Align IT with organizational goals
  • Control business and legal risks related to improper software deployment
  • Ensure compliance with government and industry compliance standards

In conclusion, a well-planned software asset management program provides stronger IT Management i.e. better business insights, for better decision making in a shorter time frame (efficiency), transparency, productivity and as a result increase value, minimize risks and achieve greater return on your IT investment.

Consider the following benefits as you assess your needs, and determine how a software asset management program might fit into your organization.


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